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Суарез про АК

Габриэль Суарез внезапно про АК, в своем ФБ.

Do I Miss My AK? Dasvydanya Kalashnikova

Following up on the thread by Edelweiss. So last weekend I went out to my training area in the weeds of northern AZ. I can be at a 300 yard range in less than 20 minutes. I can drive out there with an SBR stuck between seat and console...several rifles on the back seat and Five Finger Death Punch blaring on the radio. Life is good here.

My objective was to shoot a 10.5" White Oak barreled M4 that we built, and that has a Silencerco Hybrid on it. OAL is exactly like a 16" rifle. That same can fits on my 8" barreled 300 BO with a PDW stock. I wanted to make sure the 5.56 still shot to POA with the can. And as I opened the safe I saw my original Fuller AK. The one with the triangle folder, the ultimak rail and all the cool stuff we ran back in 2006 when Suarez International was at the forefront of the AK world.

So I grabbed it and took it with me.

Steels out at 100, 200 and 300.

Easily hit and in silence with the 5.56 White Oak match barrel M4 5.56...but I was shooting heads at that distance. The WOA barrel was designed for Diplomatic sec and their req was MOA out to 300 yards. I don't know if I was keeping things in a 3" circle at that range...but I was hitting heads without any issue...and best of all...quietly. The last time the rifle was cleaned was a year ago. Nichols cleaned the BCG in class as a demo and remarked what a ****** pig I was.

Yes...it is reliable as any rifle I have ever owned...and now it is also silent.

Comparatively...with the Fuller AK wearing the same Aimpoint I could hit the steel...but not the heads. And the cheekweld was not as good...and the length of pull was not as good...and the trigger was not as good and...

That AK was like a girlfriend from years ago that you run into at a party and realize that she was not as hot as you thought...now that you run with higher class chicks. Yes, she will still do all that she did back then...but now that you have tasted better, she doesn't quite have the same attraction.

I don't know how history will remember what we did for the AK in the USA...I suspect most of the AK world has already forgotten about me...in fact, recently there was a competition of some sort using my term "Red October".

Imagine that.

But I for one am glad that I broke off the relationship when I reached the pinnacle of what could be done with the platform.

There is nothing at all that I ever did with the AK that I cannot do with one of our new modern rifles...except maybe make excuses in a Russian accent.

Goodbye AK...it was fun...but there is better than you.

Dasvydanya Kalashnikova
Tags: guns, suarez

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