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Крайние две записи из Инстаграма норвежского добровольца в рядах Пешмерги

1) Keeping an eye on the enemy, just out of range of our weapon systems. Doesn't matter, there will more than likely be an offensive very soon and we'll be facing them up close again. A question I get from time to time is when will I go home and what will I do. My goal from the very begining have been to take part in the liberation of Mosul. After reading about how the Islamic State were selling women and children as sex slaves in the markeds in Mosul, I decided that I somehow had to contribute to the liberation of the city. It could never be enough for me to read about it in the news or see it on TV, I had to be there when Mosul fell. This was two years ago and like everyone else back then, I thought the city would have been liberated by the fall of 2015. That obviously didn't happen, but my goal never changed. I will go home when every single Islamic State flag is torn down from the buildings in Mosul. And what will I do then? I won't be allowed to join the Norwegian Army again because of my service in the Peshmerga. I've spent most of my adult life wearing the norwegian uniform with pride and there's nothing I would have loved more than returning to my old platoon... but I knew there would be sacrifices and unfortunatly, this isn't the biggest one. I have someone I love back home and beeing gone for so long at a time is wearing on both of us, especially her. Bad conscience have at times made me consider giving up on my goal. I remember this one time I tried to break up with her, for the sake of us both, and I kinda knew she was the one when she refused to let me do so. Beeing a restless soul, I never imagined myself settling down one day. But with this amazing and awesome girl, I just might. Once I'm done with Mosul, I'll go home, find a job, make sure my girl will have all of my attention and make up for what I've put her through for the last 20 months. I will give the normal life a chance. She deserves it... and maybe I do as well.

2) Getting ready for the push towards Mosul. I've been here for almost two years now. And it's time to start thinking about going home. I'm nearly worn out physically, and at times, mentally. I've also come to realize that I've become disillusioned about a lot of things. The world isn't as black and white as I first thought... and it's becoming increasingly harder to separate the good guys from the bad ones. There will never be peace in the Middle East. Never. And a unified Kurdistan? I can't see that happening. Corruption and infighting will prevent this dream from becoming a reality and it breaks my heart. The kurds are their own worst enemy, is a saying down here. And I now understand why. Whatever reasons I might have had for coming down here and fight in the first place, are gone now. I will however do my part in the upcoming offensive. I will keep going untill we are at the gates of Mosul, and if we are needed inside the city, I will go there too. But then I'm done fighting. I'm going home. Someone is waiting for me there...

Вспомнил о нем, когда прочитал про грядущий штурм Мосула у Кассада.
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