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Датчанин, фотографии которого я раньше уже приводил, начала выкладывать фотографии, сопровождая их текстом, довольно поучительным.

As human beings we cannot reach perfection, but if we strive for perfection we can achieve excellence. Never stop to strive to become better. Remember that just as much as you can train your body, you can train your personality. Become the best you can be. If you want something youve never had, you have to do something youve never done. Hope all of you guys are enjoying december, remember to spend some time with your loved ones, not all of us are that lucky. Picture is taken on what may seem to have been my coldest day in 2014, on the range practicing close quarter shooting. We we're soaked in the rain, then hit by a stormy freezing wind, but at the end of the day caught a tiny piece of sunshine which came with a satisfaction on level with recieciving an ice cold beer by the pool on a hot vacation in an exotic location. Once you lived nothing, you learn to enjoy the small things in life. Take care.
To anyone that says medics cant shoot. Guess which target is mine. Stress shootings 20m, malfunction on primary (rifle) switch to side arm drills.
I have always been a great shooter, some people have it, some people need to earn it. Either way you can never become too good at anything. What i experienced that has helped me alot through my military career is my - wait for it - breathing. Whenever you're shooting, running, dragging or treating the lack of air when fatigued will ruin your ability to focus or work proper. I started freediving when i was 10, and been doing it ever since, not as much as i wanted to but the techniques to calm the body, and ability to work while holding your breath (specially shooting) really has helped me out alot.
on my way back for now. Dug out my ipod and now currently listening to johnny bulford - remember the brave, while trying to sort out feelings, plans and thoughts that most of you my friends know needs to be put on hold while away. For me the biggest struggle is being away often, and everytime you get back home you have to start the daily routines up again. There's not just a MRE (meal ready to eat) for you, you have to actually remember to shop, cook and clean. All these normal everyday tasks, while trying to catch up with as much as you can before you have to leave again. This is my call for friends, family and partners, when he or she gets home, be nice, help out. Don't ask too many questions, just take charge and we will comply. Because we're not talking much doesn't mean we haven't missed you. But the peace in silence gives us time to clear our heads, and the fact of knowing you're there next to us makes us feel home. Hope you guys are all well, smiling and enjoying life. Peace.
Today i was going to show you guys a picture from work. But not today, today i want to share this picture of Mikael Rehde Eidenert who lost his life today. The exact reason has not been uncovered, but it is known that Mikael suffered hard from PTSD from his deployments to some of the most violent parts of Afghanistan and on some of the hardest periods the Danish Armed forces has encountered. Rest in peace Mikael, you will never be forgotten, a true warrior and true brother. "We will remember them" ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL. Till we meet in Valhalla.
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