Александр (mr_aug) wrote,

Узнал интересное о норвежских резервистах.
Недавно выкладывал.
Так вот наткнулся на спитч о них. Ниже текст-оригинал.

These are members of the home guards 'HV 09 Innsatsstyrke Bjørn West'. The innsatsstyrke concept are several platoon/company sized groups within the home guard structure. They consist of part time members that have volunteerd to be part of this better trained, better equipped, fast reaction force. They have signed a 3 year contract and recieve payment and bonuses. Many of the members are veterans of foreign deployments, and prefer this mix between a regular civilian life/job and an active military service. Here's some pix from Innsasstyrke HV 02 Derby

Tags: foto, norway

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