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Утром за завтраком глянул почту.
Суарез в последнее время пишет про спорт.
Зачем надо, каким надо, даже диету немного обсуждает.
Я считаю это интересно, так что выложу здесь, на языке оригинала. Гуглпереводчик неплохо справляется, если что.
Активные спортсмены конечно немного интересного найдут для себя, так что это для обычных людей.

Fitness - Why?

Gabe Suarez - CEO Suarez Group

In a recent discussion at warriortalk a point was brought up that one did not need to have a "physique" in order to be able to fight. I countered that fitness and fighting were two separate matters and showed images of the UFC fighter Tank Abbott. Abbott is a huge man and can fight, nobody can deny that. But he is fat and not "fit" in the sense of what we want fitness to be. I then showed an image of Clarence Bass, a 75 year old bodybuilder who looks better and is probably healthier at 75 than most men at 25.

If all we wanted to do was to "be able to hit hard and fight", we would be emulating the Sumo wrestler...getting as big and fat as we could, so we could bowl over lighter men. A sumotori would able to break a smaller man's wrist by simply taking his punch. But I will bet a health profile for a Sumo is hardly one promising of a long life. I will also bet a sumotori could not run any distance, and I will bet they don't get laid much either....except by female sumotori.

So in this article, I will explain what I think fitness is, what its components are, and then why it is a desirable thing to pursue. Whether one wants to be able to fight...or to just be fit.

Fitness. First we refer to the body's ability to adapt to challenging situations, be it cold, hunger, stress, or any physical hardship. Put ten people into a survival situation and all things being equal, the fittest will prevail, whereas the frail or unfit, will perish...perhaps even for food.

Fitness in a true form avoids specialization. The overweight wrestler or obese sumotori may be seen as "fit" for their sports, but they are specialized. Same with the emaciated marathoner that can run for 100 miles. He is the other extreme.

One who is fit should be able to run fast at moderate distances...say three, five, even ten miles. He won't be as fast as the specialist marathon guy, but he will do fine because he will be able to do it in boots, without a warm up, and on broken ground. He may even be carrying a rucksack with a percentage of his weight and the run done at a fast walk. Tell the sumotori to carry a ruck with half his weight for five miles in one hour over broken ground. Good luck.

One who is fit should be able to lift heavy weights. A good barometer of strength is powerlifting. A strong man should be able to bench press 1.5 times his weight, squat 1.5 times his weight, and deadlift twice his weight. And no, one does not need to specialize in those lifts either. I personally have transitioned from the Bench Press to the weighted Dip. But in any case, that means to be considered adequately strong, I at 170 currently, should be bench pressing 255#, squatting 255# and deadlifting 340#.

Great "cardio", like what a marathon runner has, will not allow you to pick up your wife and run with her on your shoulders to safety...nor to break another man's neck in a contest of strength. And yes, all martial bullsh*t aside, as Inosanto said, "You cannot ignore nature". Once the technical skills are equal, it will be the fitter man who prevails.

One who is fit should be able to explode into action without any detrimental effects. I recall recently Tom C and I sprinting through the terminal in Dallas after two hours sitting at rest. No problems. Explosiveness is made up of the ability to contract the muscles quickly and plyometrically but also anaerobically, without incurring an injury or a cardiac event.

One who is fit should look fit. Unless you really don't give a crap about how you look, smell, or dress, most of us want to look like we are fit...or at least trying to be fit. I do not spend the hours I do sprinting up hills and in the weight pile to be mistaken for Jabba the Hutt.

And all grey man nonsense aside, the thugs will look at you and think, "that guy right there....he looks like he can kick my ass...I will leave him alone". Then they will go find a weak looking fat guy. The life of the fit guy is easier. People immediately evaluate you based on your appearance. If you look fit, you will demand a physical respect that the frail will never be given.

One who is fit will be able to live as a strong man into his later years. I suspect if more men spent time lifting heavy stuff and running fast, there would not be any need for Viagra, or any of those "you can still be a man" pills. A gentleman does not talk about such things but those I associate with...other fit men, find no need for such pharmaceuticals...much to the smiling agreement of their equally fit wives.

One who is fit should be healthy and without the degenerative maladies of modern, soft, domesticated man. Some of this has to do with genetics, but that which does not...does not. I wonder how long the obese sumo wrestler...who is such a bad ass in a fight, will live?

Fitness has many aspects my friends...but the best aspect of all is that its only real cost is discipline. The bad ass Sumo killer? Imagine how much better he would be if he had the body of a George St. Pierre. The skin and bones marathon runner? Imagine if he had the body of someone like Hussein Bolt.

Fitness is its own goal. Once you are fit, in the sense of the word being discussed here, everything...EVERYTHING from fighting to pleasing your spouse will be better, easier, and repeatable well into your nineties. Select your path wisely.


Last time we talked about the importance of fitness. In this installment I will discuss HOW to become fit. I think that for our purposes here we can accept the previous definitions. In other words, strength, agility, explosiveness, and a degree of speed and endurance are important. Being "fit" goes far beyond your uninterested Doctor telling you that you are "healthy for your age". It requires a discipline and a commitment to three aspects of lifestyle.

First is Diet - Some people will tell you that we humans are omnivores, as they chomp down on a slice of Pizza. Others will tell you that we are meant to eat grasses, vegetables and roots, b ringing up dubious ethical issues about killing things and eating them.

What I would suggest to you is simply this. The "proof is in the pudding". The pudding around their mid section actually. Just like one would be a fool to take financial advice from a hobo, it is equally stupid to take dietary advise from the obese..or even the pudgy. So the moment someone begins to tell you how you are meant to eat, look at their belly. Is it tight and strong, or does the speaker look like he is eight months pregnant?

Many years ago, the Dragon Lady and I (that is the honorific and adoring pseudonym for my wife) attended a seminar put on by Drs. Michael and Mary Eades. I subsequently read and studied the book Protein Power written by them. They have a website by the way - http://www.proteinpower.com/. If you visit, tell them Gabe Suarez sent you.

In any case, in the book, the Eades explain and elaborate why we are carnivores and why we are not designed to eat starches and sugars, and why we need to eat vegetables, fruits, and specifically in large amounts - meat.
I won't take up your time here with this and I do not have the medical credentials to argue the points, but what I do know is that the diet described in the book - the Paleo diet by another name, works. Their book tells you why.

I eat this way 100%. For breakfast I will have three eggs and bacon...or some ground hamburger. Lunch is a salmon salad, or a bunless burger, or something of the sort. Dinner is a plate full of shrimp...or a big filet. Conspicuously missing is bread, potatoes, or any starches. OMG!!! Your health!! The USDA types will say. Well, I am 53 years old. My waist is 32, and I weigh in at 173. I can bench or squat 1.5 times my bodyweight and more than double my weight in a deadlift. My blood pressure is 119/70 and my cholesterol too low to concern with. I teach men half my age how to kick the asses of other men half my age on a regular basis, and can do today what I did when I was 25. How the foxtrot is that possible? Ignore the common wisdom and listen

I recently coached a high school rowing team. I put them on a strength regimen comprised of powerlifting, sprints and gave them a diet to follow. Being high school kids, not all followed it, but a few did. I told them to avoid pasta, potatoes, bread, and anything deriving from those things. I told them to avoid sugar...period. No pastries, cakes, doughnuts. candy bars, soda, etc. I told them to eat eggs, fish, red meat, chicken, bacon, pork, etc. I told them to eat green vegetables, and fruits. And I told them to drink water until they floated.

That was right around the regrettable re-election of the current POTUS and the subsequent craziness following Sandy Hook. I excused myself from coaching as my days turned into 18 hour propositions, and that lasted until just early in the summer.

Early August one of my kids ( I call them Junior Staff) had the annual get together of the Rowing Team prior to school starting. I saw the usual faces as they greeted me with, "Hey coach...wassup". But two of them I didn't know. They looked familiar but I would have sworn at that moment I don't know who those kids are.

As the burgers were sizzling on my extra large grill I asked one of them who he was. I told him, "I think I know you". He said, "Yes...I am John...I am on the rowing team". This kid, last year was, and I am being kind...porky. Today as he stood in front of me, he was strong and lean. I could see shoulders and a chest and no excessive fat around his gut. "My God...what happened?", I asked. "During the summer...I did what you told us to do". He had lost some 40 pounds, and another kid lost 30 pounds.

Look guys and gals...our "tribe" is a warrior tribe. We are a bellicose lot. But being fit to fight requires more than just owning a Glock or a Steyr. If you doubt my words, do this. Get the book by Eades...read it, and do as they say for a month. If you have not begun to lose weight, I will give you a free class of your choice. Why am I doing this? After all...there is no financial gain for this pirate by telling you these things. I am sharing these "secrets" with you because I care about my tribe...I care about YOUR health, YOUR quality of life, and YOUR ability to fight.

Trust me on this...this diet will change your life. Now go eat some bacon!!!


There are three points to remember, one being diet and the next two being training related. I am going to divide the training into two for clarity and because we will be discussing two types of training - sprint training and resistance training. In this discussion we will discuss the former.

If you look at this as "running" or "jogging", you miss the point. The "long slow distance" steady state cardio that is so popular with those seeking fitness is the wrong type of training. Do a visual comparison of two champion runners. Look at Husein Bolt, the man who won the sprint events at the Olympics. Then look at Stephen Kiprotich - the winner of the marathon. Compare the two physiques.

On the sprint athletes you see well developed muscles and they look strong. The marathoners however always look like they just escaped from a concentration camp. If that is your thing, enjoy, but I think most men would prefer to look like the sprinter.
So this is easy. Go find a nice stretch where you can run straight for between 50 to 100 yards. Warm up with a few easy jogs and stretches, then haul ass as fast as you can to the end. Once there, turn around and walk back to the starting point. Repeat for five to twenty times. If you have a hill, even better.

I sprint between two to three times a week, uphill for 100 yards. I get in ten good sprints. It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

In inclement weather I have an ergometer (rowing machine) and can conduct sprint type training on that. If you do not have a place to run, or equipment you can use, any exercise can be done in high intensity "sprint fashion". Options include jumping rope, calisthenics, burpees, or even using dumbells or kettlebells. What could be easier? What could be more primal?

The results you get from sprinting will surpass what you could have realized from steady state cardio or long distance work.

Lifting Heavy Things

So you have been eating tasty animals, and sprinting hard and fast for a few days...you like the way you are feeling (and you will). The next phase is building muscle. There are two phases to this. I suggest you begin with the first one and then expand into the second one as you begin to reach some solid strength.

The goal is to build muscle. Anyone that tells you that having muscles is bad is an idiot. Men without muscles do not look like proper men. And women without muscles are not as attractive as they think they are. By muscles I mean naturally developed musculature where it is obvious to anyone looking that you have spent time with weights. I do not refer to steroided out gargantuan mass.

More muscle means higher metabolism...which means your body will not allow itself to get fat. It means greater degree of protection from mishaps and accidents as you are sporting nature's armor. It also means a certain insurance against the weakness of a age for a muscle-poor person.

To develop muscle strength and size you will need to lift weights. I would suggest using free weights if you have access to them, but alternatives with machines will be a good substitute in the beginning if that is what you have. I will say that you will eventually outgrow the world of machines

Focus on lifts that mimic the natural movements of the body. For example: Vertical pushing and vertical pulling. Horizontal pushing and pulling. Squatting. Hinging as seen when the back straightens up from a bent position. In the beginning lift heavy enough to be able to do 5 repetitions, but not more than six. Once you pass the five reps limit for three hard sets (preceded by two warm up sets) add 2 - 5 pounds.

An example of a workout would be using the bench press and the bent row for horizontal pushing and pulling - the overhead press and pulldown for vertical pushing and pulling - a barbell squat for the leg portion and a deadlift for the hinge action. All can be done on the same day although as you progress the intensity will likely cause you to want to divide the workout into two parts. Most intermediate and advanced lifters will lift four times a week and divide the workout into two workouts. So for example, you would do bench press, bent over row, overhead press and pulldowns on one session, and reserve the demanding deadlift and squat day for a separate session.

Once you have a good amount of strength, you can begin to change the work every few months. You may find different versions of each physical action are more suited to your body type or allow you to work around old injuries.

As well you may elect to alter the set/rep routine for additional muscle growth. I have been experimenting with an old bodybuilding system promoted by the late great Vince Gironda, the 8x8 routine and have had great success with it. The more you lift the more you learn about lifting, and the more you can alter of design a program that works for you.

That is all there is to it. It is a matter of discipline and nothing more. This has been my lifestyle for the past twenty years! Eat right avoiding sugar and starches - run like the devil himself was after your ass at least three times per week, and lift like you were Hercule's little brother the other three. Keep track of your progress and let us know how it comes along.

The time for your physical excellence and bad-assness is at hand!!!

(c) Gabe Suarez - CEO Suarez Group
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