Александр (mr_aug) wrote,


Оттуда же, с лайтфайтера, с той же темы, что я сегодня публиковал.


I work with a reduced combat load of 4 x PMAG's loaded to 28 rounds per. I only shoot at what I can see and know I can hit. My watchword was surgical precision. Let's say it takes seven bullets for me to bring someone down. That is 4 tango's down per magazine for a grand total of 16. Only one element around here supposedly went up against 16 hard pipeswingers, and I strongly believe that number was greatly exaggerated – plus I know I'm not going to be the only one putting in work to kill motherfuckers. I had 3 x loaded with M855A1 (I ran out of MK 262 MOD 1 early on) and one loaded with M995 due to a specific threat in my AO and having needed to engage armored threats previously. No, I will not go into details on an open forum.

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