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Текст и фото взяты с форума Лайтфайтер, который позиционирует себя как форум военных и полицейских.

My deployment here is nearing the end, so a “this was my gear that served me well” write-up is in order. I’m a SOF JTAC and I did a six month tour here, half of it in Kunar, the other half in Nangarhar. Even though half of my tour was out of fighting season, both of these AOs are pretty active and I’ve had ample opportunities to test my gear. I started out with a much different setup (as usual), but the finalized version is something that is close to perfect for what I do here. During my tour I have converted to be a believer of the minimalist design in order to be faster and more mobile.

First Line: the popular and affordable ATS warbelt and Eagle duty belt combo. I am not a suspender type of guy, so I don’t have one of those. On the belt I have a BFG TenSpeed pistol mag pouch, for my spare Glock mag, Emdom IAP pouch for one more PMAG, Emdom dump pouch, ITS Tallboy IFAK in the horizontal configuration, HSGI smoke pouch with 1x M-18 smoke, Safariland 6004 with small shroud for my Glock-17, and a Benchmade No. 7 rescue hook in a custom made kydex sheath. I am planning to change the duty belt to a cobra buckle rigger type belt, so I won’t need another rigger’s belt in my pants if I need to tie in with a safety lanyard. I really like the concept of Tyr’s retention adapter, that way you can actually move your tie-in point around and not just have it in one spot.

Second Line: Mayflower APC with standard issue Hungarian level IV plates and plate backers. At the end of my tour, only the plate bags are the original Mayflower pieces. I changed the shoulder pads to the SKD PIG Brigandine pads that are long enough to not slide back and forth on my shoulders. I also changed the original MOLLE cummerbund to the SKD PIG elastic cummerbund. I am not mandated to wear side armor, so I trimmed down the sides and the elastic cummerbund is very comfortable and holds the vest together really nicely. On the front I have the Mayflower M4 mag insert in the kangaroo pouch with 3 PMAGs. On the flap I have a TT horizontal GP pouch for my JTAC kit (notebooks, reference cards, sharpies, pens, etc.). I have my pens set up with velcro, so I can stick them to the TT pouch if I need both hands in a hurry. I also have two CAT TQs on the sides of the TT pouch in Mayflower TQ holders. I have my two PRC-152 radios in Crye JPC pouches velcroed under the front flap. These radio pouches are probably the best 27 dollars I have ever spent on gear! If your vest is not equipped with internal radio pouches, but you want to carry your radios this way, give these babies a try! I have Nexus U94 PTTs and TCI MAST kits for both of my radios and I run a Peltor ComTac II dual comms headset. On the back of the carrier I have a TT Joey Pouch with the .75 liter Source bladder. I am not a big drinker and I found that this amount of water is enough for me for a long time (if not, I can chuck some water bottles in my dump pouch). I also have a vertical and a horizontal GP pouch by ATS on the back, one holding my PVS-14, the other my spare batteries for everything I carry. This setup has served me well and although I have a Crye JPC on the way for changing the base, the setup will stay the same for the future.

Third Line: we only had short duration ops, mostly by vehicles or dismounted, so I did not need a larger pack. When I do, I have the issue CFP-90 pack as well as a medium sized pack from Warrior Tactical from the UK. For Go-Bag I was using the TT Releasable Operator’s Pack as on my previous rotation. In it I have more food, water, ammo, signal stuff (starclusters, pen flare, smoke, VS-17 panel, chem lights), batteries, IZLID, PLRF, SATCOM antenna and TAC-ROVER.

Guns: standard issue M4A1 with mostly Magpul furniture (CTR stock, MOE grips back and front, BAD lever), KAC RAS, PEQ-2, EO Tech on LaRue LT-110, Troy Battlesight, and BFG VCAS. I also have a SureFire G2 light in a VLTOR adapter that always came loose, so I removed it. My secondary is a Gen 3 Glock-17 with tritium sights and Hogue slip on rubber grip. Simple and reliable. I also have a fair amount of edged pointy things with me: my trusted old school Strider DB-L (first generation with Paul Bos heat treatment) on its fourth deployment, Emerson CQC-11 and a Leatherman SuperTool.

Clothing: as for uniform, you can’t beat the Crye G3 combat pants and combat shirt. It’s been discussed here numerous times, so I will just say this: they are functional and awesome. In the pants pockets I have chem lights, buzz saws and rubber gloves. Underneath the combat shirt I usually wore an Icebreaker merino T-Shirt. I was also wearing Icebreaker’s merino underwear as well as merino socks. I was using two pairs of Salomon boots: one being the XA 3D Ultra Pro Mid, the other an older model and I don’t know the name for it. They were both great: light and fast, with enough ankle support.

Others: I use the standard ACH helmet, with SureFire helmet light, MS-2000 strobe (that got me out of trouble a few times), OPS Core H nape harness and PVS-14s. I know it’s not the latest and greatest, but it served me well and since none of the OPS Core, or Crye helmets are issued to us, I just can’t justify putting down 900 dollars for a new helmet. Suunto wrist compass and Garmin Foretrex GPS are a must in this line of work. For gloves, I was using the Wiley-X CAG-1 that is very comfy and durable with the added benefit of knuckle protection. I have switched to the new Oakley M-Frame 3.0 from the 2.0 due to the lower profile in the temples. They seem to be more comfortable under the Peltor and also feel like they sit closer to my face than the 2.0. I don’t think the lenses are treated differently (even though Oakley claims it), because they do fog up and get scratched just as easily as with the 2.0. A TAG safety lanyard and HSGI rigger’s belt round out my kit.

Конечно, сет снаряжения специфический - мужчина сам пишет, что в основном на машине ездил, плюс выполняет функции авианаводчика.
Старая добрая М4, про шлем порадовал, бабки считает.
Но ПК от Мейфлоуэр - это интересно штатное или сам купил? Что-то мне подсказывает, что сам.
Да и варбелт от АТС тоже.
Видимо, человек все же не в первый раз поехал в Эй-стан
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