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Выдержка, на английском

The System

Let's say that your max push ups until failure is 60. You would perform 60 push ups and then select an amount of recovery time. Let's say 1:00 minute. At the completion of the minute you would imediately attempt to perform half of you max. In this case, it would be 30 push ups. You will then continue to reduce the rest period by X amount until you can perform your max set and the half max set without recovery. Let's say that you reduce your recovery time by 20 seconds every week. By the forth week, your max push ups would be 90. Your training cycle would look like this.

Week 1

60 push ups
1:00 recovery
30 push ups

Week 2

60 push ups
40 secs recovery
30 push ups

Week 3

60 push ups
20 secs recovery
30 push ups

Week 4

60 push ups
Nil recovery
30 push ups

Effectively you can now achieve a max of 90 push ups before failure. You will then apply the same theory and routine to increase your max push ups further.

Note: This is an example only and individual results may vary. You will have to experiement with the times and frequency of performance in order to determine your success timeframe.

This is the best way to increase your muscular endurance and can be applied to a variety of exercises.

Let me know how it goes for you!!

Train Hard Boys.
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