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На ГЕАРСОКе норвежский воен (настоящий) рассказывает про свою НК416Н.

As I have mentioned in a previous thread, the HK416N has been upgraded to ensure higher reliability.

The issues that have arisen are:

-Adjustable Gas Regulator popping out, or wiggling to Suppressed setting during firing. It is a maintenance issue, but disassembly of the AGR is as of now not part of 1st line maintenance.

-Disconnector breaking. At first thought to be due to poor materials used by HK during manufacturing, turned out to be a result of the environmental ammo being "hotter", causing more strain on the disconnector when the hammer struck it during cycling of the bolt. Mostly an issue on the 10.5" HK416K.

-Wrong dimensions on roll pins. Mostly an issue on the charging handle and buffer, although there has been one incident where the ejector assembly roll pin was pushed out during firing. It finally protruded so far out of the hole to cause an out of battery incident, with the gun blowing up. Thankfully only minor injuries to the shooter.

The modifications done to my gun are:

-New AGR, with new pin and spring assembly. It will not come loose anymore due to carbon build up, and is much easier to clean. No disassembly needed. It also has bigger ports, allowing for increased gas flow.
-New trigger assembly group. Two stage trigger, same as on the HK416S, and a hood protecting the disconnector from wear
-New roll pins on charging handle
-New ejector roll pin
-Staking of the roll pin in the buffer

Pics of new gas regulator:

Pics of new trigger assembly group:

Bill drill:
Bill Drill.MOV - YouTube

Bill drill 2:
Bill Drill 2.MOV - YouTube

Target transitions:
Målveksling.MOV - YouTube

2x2x2.MOV - YouTube

2x2x2, Run 2:
2x2x2 2.MOV - YouTube

Failure drill, 5 meters:
Failure drill 5 meter.MOV - YouTube

Failure drill, 10 meters:
Failure drill 10 meter.MOV - YouTube

Failure drill, 15 meters:
Failure drill 15 meter.MOV - YouTube

Half & Half, 20 meter, 8.55 sek:
Half and Half 20 meters.MOV - YouTube

Half & Half, 10 meter, 3.91 sek:
Half and Half 10 meter.MOV - YouTube

Half & Half, 5 meter, 2,50 sek:
Half and Half 5 meter.MOV - YouTube

Results Half & Half:

Bill drill, 7 meters, 1.89, all rounds inside the 9 ring:
Bill Drill.mp4 - YouTube

Three runs of the Failure Drill/Mozambique at 15 meters, start movement at 18 meters, shoot when buzzer sounds:
Failure Drill 15 meters 1.MOV - YouTube
Failure Drill 15 meters 2.MOV - YouTube
Failure Drill 15 meters 3.MOV - YouTube

Three runs of the Failure Drill/Mozambique at 30 meters, start movement at 35 meters, shoot when buzzer sounds:
Failure Drill 30 meters 1.MOV - YouTube
Failure Drill 30 meters 2.MOV - YouTube
Failure Drill 30 meters 3.MOV - YouTube

Headshots from the standing unsupported position at 30 meters was difficult, so needs more practice.

Then we did some standing to kneeling shooting at 15 meters, start movement at 18 meters, shoot when buzzer sounds:
Standing to kneeling 1.MOV - YouTube
Standing to kneeling 2.MOV - YouTube
Standing to kneeling 3.MOV - YouTube

This was followed by four runs of El Presidente, 7 meters, "Heroes or Zeroes" scoring (hits inside 9 ring counts, hits outside means you fail the run). Filmed them both POV and 3rd person view. This was my first time shooting El Presidente.

Run 1, 8.96, 1 miss:
El Pres 1.mp4 - YouTube
El Prez 1.mp4 - YouTube

Run 2, 10.44, good hits:
El Pres 2.mp4 - YouTube
El Prez 2.mp4 - YouTube

Run 3, 9.33, 1 miss:
El Pres 3.mp4 - YouTube
El Prez 3 - YouTube

Run 4, 9.44, good hits:
El Pres 4.mp4 - YouTube
El Prez 4.mp4 - YouTube

Last close quarters drill was a Shoot and Move drill, ran it two times. 4 targets numbered 1-4, four firing positions numbered A-D. Double taps to target 1 and 2 from firing positions A(10m) and B(20m), double taps to targets 3-4 from firing positions C(10m) and D(20). 16 rounds total per run, 45 second time limit. Movement is supposed to be rapid, without running. Hits inside the 8 ring or better. Filmed both runs POV and 3rd person:

Run 1, 32.04 secs, 1 miss:
Move n Shoot 1.mp4 - YouTube
Move and Shoot 1.MOV - YouTube

Run 2, 33.14 secs, all good hits:
Move n Shoot 2 - YouTube
Move and Shoot 2.MOV - YouTube

When I say misses in regards to the all drills above, I mean that I did not hit the required zone, not that I missed the target completely. Just for clarification. I had also shot a few drills before the Bill Drill, but did not film those. I also shot a Standing to Prone drill at 30 meters, but I haven't had time to edit it for PERSEC.

Then we did some long range shooting, first at head sized balloons, then at an F-type silhouette steel target (you might see it to the left of the bigger target). Targets were placed at 300 meters. Only used the Aimpoint, prone magazine supported:

Targets.MP4 - YouTube

HK416.MP4 - YouTube
HK416 POV.MOV - YouTube

Was able to score quite a few hits, on both balloons and the steel target.

No malfunctions with the gun today, like always.

Then, lastly, I did some HK417 shooting:

HK417.MP4 - YouTube
HK417 POV.MOV - YouTube
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