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А вот этого я не ожидал

The Dutch have made an excellent choice! I've had my HK416 for two years now, after changing over from the HK G3, and i love it. I've yet to have a single stoppage with it, after thousands of rounds fired, it's easy to clean and maintain both in Norwegian and arid/Afghan conditions and especially the 16.5" barrel gives it a good effective range for it's calibre.
The only thing i'm not a big fan of is the standard stock and pistol grip, which judging by the photo above is the same as what the Dutch will be issued.
The buttpiece on the stock is ****e to twist and fall off by itself after only limited wear and the stock itself IMHO is too big and bulky. The pistol grip has that outcrop right under the trigger finger that that can be a real annoyance to some people. But then again, it's the easiest thing in the world to change these two parts if one doesn't like them...

Marsuitor mp.net, июль 2010 года.

Марсуитор - это довольно известный норвежский воен (реальный, не страйкболист), с 4 поездками в А-стан за плечами.
И если он говорит, что НК416 ему нравится и она хорошо себя показала....
Значит, норвежская армия справилась с багами первых версий. Любопытно.
Кстати, замечание о прикладе звучит тем любопытнее, чем чаще я вижу "неродные" приклады на норвежских 416-ых - обычные американские и магпуловские точно видел.
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