Александр (mr_aug) wrote,

Из блога Суареза

The only solution to using the AK iron sights well is this - USE THE AK IRON SIGHTS. They are the best sights for speed and for hitting moving targets. No, they are not as precise as the sights on your M1A, but they are much faster. If you want more out of your rifle, read on.

Beyond the iron sights, the first option is a 1X red dot sight. Before I get into the meat of this I will tell you that if you want to "cheap out" on this, do yourself a favor and stay with the irons. All good optics will cost you and there is no "cheap and good" on these.

The Aimpoints, and Trijicons rule the roost here. In my opinion, Eotechs do not belong on an AK. I have yet to see one Eotech - AK combination that worked well. They may be the bees knees on an M4 but they suck eggs on the Kalashnikov.
Вот это уже любопытно.

И далее http://www.warriortalknews.com/2011/06/choosing-optics-for-your-assault-rifle-.html#comments

Я в шоке))
Я, конечно, знал, что Суарзе большой коллекционер шмоток, видел у него наш православный М84 и даже вегетату.
Но СУРПАТ!!!...

Кстати, там в соседней заметке Суарез говорит о том, что он добился уверенного поражения из АК цели на 500 ярдов - http://www.warriortalknews.com/2011/05/the-fighting-rifle-and-its-essentials.html#comments
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