March 4th, 2020



When I was in "US Army Rangers", our Sergeant Major would send out memos for us to read, with pearls of wisdom. One of them reminded us that we were not operators, we were Rangers and should be proud of that fact. We were not Ju-jitsu experts, marathon runners, or body builders. We were Rangers.I was never an operator and have never claimed to be. I was a Ranger, and then I went on to to be a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, so you can take that into account as you read this and decide if you think I’m full of shit or not. As time progressed, I saw the Army change. Often times it was for the better. SOF has evolved in leaps and bounds since 9/11. In other ways, I think we’ve lost some of the professionalism we once had, as it was replaced with the false bravado of Mixed Martial Arts Tap-Out gear and the cool-guy attitude of a generation raised on shoot ’em up video games. Back to the Sergeant Major’s memos…he also warned us not to throw a combat scroll on our shoulder after deployment and think we know everything there is to know about combat. That is a huge mistake. Slowly, I saw the term operator applied to larger and larger groups of people. I heard myself referred to as a “Special Forces Operator” a few times, which never sat well with me. Today, it is even worse. It seems like everyone who does Crossfit is now an operator. If you do a Spartan Race you practically get issued a Combat Infantry Badge. There are t-shirts, websites, and video games dedicated to operator this-or-that. I don’t get it. To me it reeks of a desperate attempt to inflate your own ego by trying to associate yourself with something you are not.

(с) один экс-рейнджер и берет в отставке

И относительно риторики использования слова "оператор".

Говоря о новейшей истории, в широком смысле слова оператор это член Special Mission Unit подразделения ВС США. Более широкому кругу лиц ближе термин Tier 1 подразделение. К SMU относится только 4 подразделений, все они считаются лучшими из лучших. Это
US Army CAG aka Дельта
US Navy NSWDG aka Девгру
US Air Force 24th STS
US Army 75th Ranger Regiment's Regimental Reconnaissance Company

В узком смысле этого слова, оператор это член CAG.
В данном вопросе, я ссылаюсь на книгу «Inside Delta Force», написанную отставным оператором Эриком Хэнейем.
В своей книге, он характеризовал оператора следующим образом:
«Оператор, это член Дельты, прошедший отбор и успешно завершивший курс Operators Training Course»



Парень недавно посетивший Сирию, теперь переехал в Ирак.
Любопытно посмотреть как живут простые люди, как выглядят города.