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Martini Henry Mk I/II to 500yds

Как тебе такое, Илон Маск? (С)

Из описания к видео

Make no mistake: the Martini-Henry series of rifles were a wonder of their time. This example was from 1872, one of the first Martini-Henry Mk I rifles fielded by the British Empire. Note that this was less than a decade from the ending of the US Civil War (1861-1865).

Since then, the Martini-Henry has been a symbol of the British global might and widely seen on pop culture referencing the Victorian Era.

The use of a metal cartridge was revolutionary for the time and significantly increased the firepower for soldiers on the field. The weapon was designed to be fielded with companies and battalions of men, against companies and battalions of opponents. It was designed with conquest and expeditionary forces in mind.

For us today, the Martini-Henry's capabilities are shrouded in mystery. How accurate are they? How reliable are they? How fast are they?

Finally, after a year of learning, replicating period munitions, testing, more reading and learning... we finally publish our Martini Henry Practical Accuracy video. Thanks to Rob, from British Muzzleloaders for his guidance and expertise in this era of arms!
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