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Оперативник SASR (СпН Австралии), Афганистан, после боя в подземном тоннеле.
Пуля попала ему в левую руку, попутно повредив пистолет.

This photo was taken after a fierce gunfight in a tunnel system in southern Afghanistan. One of our elements had entered the tunnel system (the entrance of which can be seen behind the kneeling operator in the photo) and during the clearance of the system had been engaged at close range by AK47 fire. During the initial exchange of gunfire the lead man of that element was struck in the lower leg and after laying down suppressive fire the other members of our initial element dragged the wounded guy back out of the tunnel system for medical attention. The operator pictured here, after ascertaining that the medical situation was under control and with complete disregard for his own safety, drew his handgun and without hesitation led a second element back down the tunnel system to close with and neutralise the enemy within. As anticipated, they too were engaged at close range by AK47 fire and in the gunfight that would ultimately result in the enemy threat being neutralised, the operator pictured was struck in the left hand resulting in significant injuries and blowing the bottom part of the magazine well of his handgun off. It was only following the clearance of the tunnel system, and only once he had ensured that no further threat remained that he sought medical attention. He is pictured here with his bandaged hand, his damaged handgun, and a big grin on his face, which I suspect is partially due to the Fentanyl lollipop that can be seen hanging out of his mouth if you look closely, but mainly because he was just the kind of guy who lived for these very situations.
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