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Великолепная картина из оспреевской книжечки "The FN FAL Battle Rifle".
Наводчик nikolaj_s

Цитата из книги:

When cover or ‘drake’ shooting during the late 1970s, Rhodesian riflemen were trained to shoot directly into and through the guerrillas’ position, keeping their aim deliberately low, while machine-gunners were required to aim at the ground immediately to the front of that cover. FAL 7.62×51mm NATO rounds have the power to punch through the tree trunks generally found in the African savanna and jesse bush, while the AK-47’s 7.62×39mm round generally did not. This fact was used to great effect by the Rhodesians, as tumbling rounds, dislodged stones, fragments of smashed rocks and splinters from trees could do great injury to those lying behind cover.
The earth that MAGs kicked up would also force the enemy’s heads down. The basic tactic was to draw the barrel of the rifle or machine gun across the covered position, usually beginning left to right, while squeezing the trigger at appropriate moments so as to ‘rake’ it from one side to the other. Each round or burst was fired in a deliberately aimed fashion. Experienced riflemen (when equipped with select-fire rifles such as the South African R1) sometimes used two-round, but no more than three-round, bursts on full-automatic when snap or cover shooting. Again, the first round was aimed deliberately low because the design and power of the FAL caused the barrel to rise rapidly on full-automatic. By aiming low, the shooter intended the first round to ‘skip’ and strike a prone target, while the second would go directly home as the barrel lifted.

Книжечки по FAL лежат здесь.
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