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A-UGV Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance

The Armed Reconnaissance module is the newest addition to Rheinmetall’s lineup of Mission Master Autonomous - Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGVs). Modular and versatile, the Mission Master family uses the Rheinmetall PATH autonomous kit (A-kit) to aid troops in a wide variety of operations. The Armed Reconnaissance A-UGV is equipped with both intel-gathering tech and Rheinmetall Fieldranger remote-controlled weapon system to gain tactical information and provide fire support when necessary, keeping a man in the loop at all times. The Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance is designed to execute high-risk scouting missions and deliver real-time common operating picture without endangering soldiers.

Рейнметалл радует постоянно. Интересная штучка.
Tags: tank, video

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