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Mauser Tankgewehr M1918

Девочку жалко. Но из описания:

I'm starting to get a flood of comments about how we "faked" our T-gewehr ammo because of claims that it will break your arm.

The 13.2 TuF is roughly equivalent to .50 BMG in perceived recoil. The gun has 1" spikes on a solid bipod and is quite heavy. This means, used properly, the recoil is actually quite controllable. I have fired the gun once and Mae has put 5 rounds though one at original load data. It was bedded well into a pile of sandbags. The first shot gave her a nickel sized bruise, the rest likely contributed nothing as she adjusted her posture to better match the high center. I received no marks whatsoever as she had already warned me about how the setup recoiled and where to snug everything in.

If you're worried about a non properly emplaced T-gewehr, well, Ian and Michael both shot actual original ammo with just about the worst free stand I could imagine. While it gave them a jolt, no one broke any bones.

Recall, this gun is among the first anti-material rifles and so a LOT of myths built up quickly, especially because it was almost immediately put back out of service. As with any high recoil firearm I'm sure you could be hurt using it outright foolishly. But a trained rifleman, even unfamiliar with the recoil of this particular gun, shouldn't have a great deal of difficulty. Fatigue would probably kick in about 7 - 10 rounds in though in my estimation due to working the large bolt and the general shock of each shot on the nervous system.

Вот это я понимаю, пулемет...
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