Александр (mr_aug) wrote,

Неизвестная хорватская винтовка

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"Unnamed Croatian Assault Rifle (5.56mm, similar to the Israeli rifle, but has fewer parts, a barrel length of 500mm, foldable equipment including a granade launcher, knife, laser scope, advanced scope and only weights at 2kg, 300g)"

Никто не слышал про эту винтовку? Как она называется? Когда была сконструирована?

Эк..сам же себе и отвечу

"HS Produkt VHS bullpup
length 750mm
width 44,8mm
height 255mm
Barrel length 500mm(!)
Calibre 5,56X45mm NATO
Cyclic rate of fire- 600rpm, single/auto/safe fire selector
Weight (without flash light, grenade launcher, bayonet or magazine)- only 2,3kg(!)
Pistol grip placed in weapon's center point, making it possible to fire with one hand.
Integral bipod that folds entirely into a serration in the grip.
Dove tail mount located under the barrel, infront of the pistol grip- for mounting flash light, laser or IC light.
Easy mounting 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher- when lower part of the front grip is removed, the GL mounts on the gun in the same manner as the bayonet.
Any kind of optical sight can be mounted ontop of a carry handle, which is also equipped with iron sight that shooter uses with both eyes open- apparently, this feature is common in some hunting rifles...I'd appreciate any additional info on that. (I'm familiar with military rifles, but know next to nothing about hunting rifles or shotguns...)
The VHS is developed by HS Produkt, the same factory that makes HS2000/ Springfield XD pistols. It's been thoroughly tested by HS Product team and presented as finished product, not prototype. It's currently undergoing testing by Croatian army. Rumour has it it's even been offered to US army...
Possible date of adaptation by Croatian army- some say Croatian contingent of MPs in Afghanistan will be equipped with VHS soon, other sources say the earliest VHS can be adopted is 2008..."

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